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Dacia Clay behind studio microphone


After spending over a decade in public radio, I'm loving work as a freelance audio producer. The variety of topics and the diversity of the roles has been challenging in the best way. I've recently worked on podcasts ranging in topic from ecology to the history of textiles and fibers to fine art and classical music, and in roles from host to writer to producer to engineer. I love collaborating with people and learning new things while I work. I'm especially passionate about work that showcases diverse voices and stories. In my copious free time, I run and hike in the woods and try to train my cat to walk on a leash.

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About images on this website

  1. This was my first field recorder, with which I recorded interviews, found sounds, and for some reason, the TV.

  2. My second recording device,  my grandparents' shoebox tape recorder.

  3. Ira Glass inspired me to get into radio when I saw him do a live show. This image is from an episode of This American Life so epic that they designed a logo for it.

  4. One of my favorite pieces of  field equipment ever, the microcassette recorder. (Agent Cooper shown for size.)

  5. I loved the minidisc recorder mainly because the discs looked like they were from a sci-fi movie.

  6. One of the recording studios I spent a lot of time in at Houston Public Media.

  7. Zoom F4 field recorder. I'm using this in my home studio (Pillow Fort Studios) during the pandemic.

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